June 04, 2006

Salty Pop

(Note: This is in no way a sexual reference.)

Why are there no savory long-lasting treats on a stick? Think about it. There are so many candy flavors, but why no salty ones... why don't we have chili-cheese suckers? Other than corndogs, which are in no way long lasting, I can think of no salty delicacy that is stick mounted. (No, really this isn't sexual.)

I mean, so much of what we snack on is salty... chips, cheese, jerky, nuts (jesus. really. Not sexual)... so why not make it stand the test of a long flavorfest. You're sitting in class, and you're hungry. That lollipop just won't satisfy your... salty tooth, but you don't want the mess or conspicuous constant hand to mouth movement of that bag or Doritos. You could reach for a Ranch Lozenge. Mmmm.

There are already half and half candies, what with Paydays... hell, even Reeses' are a bit salty.

It would add a whole new dimension to snacking.

Join me in a food revolution. Embrace the salty pop. (Ok, now I'm just going along with it.)


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