September 18, 2006

This is what we call prolific.

So, I managed to read about a third of the chapter for art history, and I pretty much lucked out completely, seeing as I brought up the first point (from what I'd actually read) and we stayed on that point all conference... Sweet.

So, these notes started off as a sketch of the guy sitting across from me... like ya do.

I guess we're off to an epic downtown, another Apple Store misadventure. I feel so bad that these girls are having negative experiences with their Macs... I guess they were just sacrificial lambs of the beta bugs.

I'm slowly assembling all of these puzzles in my brain, assisted by the wonders of liberal education. I'm starting to get an objective view of those grand conversations I hate, the What is Art, the Why Religion, the do I need a relationship to believe in myself... Ok, well, that one isn't really intrinsically being discussed in any conference, but I don't know, maybe this self revelation seems... not-so-impulsive? Call it the independence, call it the lack of contact with my past and the outside world, call it the... change in sleeping patterns? Whatever it is, it feels new. Then again, it always does.

Afternoon song on repeat:
Cake - Satan Is My Motor.


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