November 09, 2006

Theocracy or Theocrazy?

Sometimes, people DO get along.

Unfortunately, sometimes said interfaith bonding comes in the form of conservative intolerance. Iraeli demonstations against this year's Gay Pride parade in Jerusalem have caused leaders of the nation's alternative lifestyle community to cancel the parade due to security concerns.

Israel's chief Rabbi has called the Gay Pride march "a threat to Israel."

A Jerusalem councilwoman said, "The homo-lesbian community is immoral and must be condemned." Classy.

And a Muslim leader recently said, "This is the 'Holy Land,' not the homo land." Oh, snappy. Great argument, really, top notch.

I love you, Israel, I do. Don't get me wrong, the Chaverim mailing list is a welcome addition to my gmail inbox, and Kosher for Shabbas is not an exception but a norm. That said, we should really consider how a few times in history, some people had a few "demonstrations" against us. Let's not become our enemy.

Sometimes being humane is more important than being a Jew. Come on, Israel, get over it. You may be a theocracy, but that doesn't mean you have to be theocrazy.


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