September 19, 2006

Time passes by so slowly here.

It's too odd. I've only been here for four weeks? What!? I feel like I've already established a life here. I mean, despite the fact that I have this consistant feeling of loneliness and I'm haunted by the realization that nobody really knows who I am yet, but, you know, other than that it's great.

I want a Zach Braff. The girls and I have been watching the first season of Scrubs nonstop, and goddamn it I want a dorky, sweet, awkwardly attractive boy. But no. I'm stuck making love to my printer as it spews out thirty pages of art history reading.

I want to believe in magic. Ken the Chinese Religion God makes me want to see magic in our readings, but all I see is skepticism, and all my conference leader in Hum talked about today was how sincere the lyric poetry was... but all the fucking poems were about loss, not love.

Come on, throw me a bone, here, Aphrodite. I can make someone happy, I know it.


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