June 14, 2006

And here it is, the end.

Filling my life with 90's music, tan legs, Saturday nights dancing, Sundays at the beach, and a whole fucking lot of celebrating the end of the year.

You know how I used to talk about loving to meet new people, because you can be the person you are AT THAT MOMENT, and not have to deal with all the shit you went through to get to wherever you are now?

I feel like I'm at some kickass turning point. I want to run out right now and meet new people, so I can show off who I am at this second. I really like me, and I'm going to try harder than ever to keep this feeling this time.

Really, like, for serious, I'm breathing easy for the first time in a while. And it smells like summer.

Goodness next year is going to be amazing. I feel like packing up everything, sitting in my car, and driving up to Portland right now. It's going to change my life like nothing ever has, and I can't wait.


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