July 28, 2006


Wow, I came close to cheating tonight. Sam wanted me to look at his self-portrait, but wouldn't gmail me, so he made me go look at his profile... which isn't myspacing because I didn't see anything pertaining to me. Anyway, Max's profile name is currently Allison Jones, so I HAD to go look at his profile to see if anyone had commented about his name. Sheesh, I'm pathetic. I was SO close to looking at my profile when I just shut the window. I'm going to do this. Mark my words.

I was driving home from work, and my feet were SO sore, I could barely press the gas. The worst part was my reaction, thinking that it was all ok because soon I would be home and I could check my myspace. Old habits die hard.

I made a leather wristband out of two Gap belt hangers today... really cool, actually. I made one for a few other people in the store... at least the ones that don't suck.

Paydays make me happy, even though I'm pretty sure that isn't the most original sentiment this side of the Mississippi.

Housesitting again this weekend, and a new goal of no spending for the rest of July. That means not one single swipe of my debit card, no cash, nothing. Dates don't count though, so, guys, feel free to take me out to dinner. Or Starbucks...


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