July 25, 2006

A Week Without MySpace - Day I

Needless to say, I tend to go through periods of time of dramatic attempts at self improvement. Currently, I have given up biting my nails, drinking soda, high fructose corn syrup (the last two thanks to a certain Andrew Tolson who seduced me into hating artificial crap that we inject into our bodies), trying to find humility, and testing my dependence on MySpace. That is to say, I have decided to stay logged out of MySpace for an entire week.

At midnight this morning, I changed my picture to a genuine "Sorry, We're Closed" sign, left my last bulletin, and steadfastly clicked "Sign Out."

Well, as good as my intentions were, and as resolute as I felt in those first moments, this is going to be harder than I thought. My addiction was so engrained that I was forced to move the bookmark bar link from it's usual position as the first from the left, to the opposite side of the window, to avoid the reflex of refreshing my homepage. I confess, the first night of sleep was literally filled with visions of comments and bulletins and editing pictures. Even worse was the automatic desire to groggily roll out of bed this morning to check the Space, before my eyes had even adjusted to light. When I saw that I had been logged out, I immediately recalled my mission... and rolled back into bed. A morning without MySpace was no good morning at all.

I admit that I am slightly cheating. I am set to recieve email notifications when I get a new comment or message, so I know if people are attempting to contact me. Alas, I figure there is no way to avoid this, seeing as it would require my signing on to disengage said alerts. Oh well.

The good news, the blog will actually be put into use. Without my usual audience, however, I fear that my rants will be less amusing or appreciated... but then again, I can avoid annoying the individuals that profess to hate my incessant bulletining in the first place.

Ah, that's all for now, I'll keep you updated.


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