July 20, 2006

I slept with a dog - Part II

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have made peace with the devil, Satan McGruff herself. I had gone to bed a bit earlier than usual last night, around 11, and fell asleep close to tears because I was consistently being accosted by the demon dog from hell. I kept repeating I hate you, get off me, dont bite me.

After finally dozing off and sleeping for a few hours, interrupted only by the random bark or movement of the giant animal next to me, Im startled awake by a loud crash. It sounded like glass breaking. Needless to say, I assume the worst, despite the fact that the dog hadnt barked at all. Thinking someone was trying to force their way into the house, I frantically call my house (which is, luckily, down the street) and whisper that I need help. My sister convinced me to walk out of the bedroom to see what had happened, so I stumble into the dark kitchen. After turning on the light, I see one large piece of glass in the middle of the tile. Confused as to where it came from, I look up, see the window was shattered, and ran back into the bedroom, with the dog, and locked the door. After a few minutes, my dad showed up and looked around. It turns out some idiot had smashed open the kitchen window with a Corona bottle.

At this point, Im basically clinging to this German Shepard for any sort of security, as my dad looks around the yard and up and down the street. He convinces me, somehow, to go back to sleep, and I welcome Sadie to jump up on the bed with me. All of a sudden, Im so terribly grateful that this demon dog is on my side. As I fell asleep with her lying next to me, I couldnt help but smile at the fact that a few hours earlier I had been screaming at her to leave me alone.

Tonights my last night at the house thank goodness. But I have to say Im not too scared. Satan McGruff and I have reached some sort of understanding, because she isnt jumping up on me anymore, and Im suddenly throwing her tows and giving her treats. Oddly enough, the vandalism turned out for the better.

As independent as I wish to be, I find myself looking forward to the fact that for the next four years I will be surrounded by a protective community. Heres to finding peace and security when you least expect it.

And heres to Satan.


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