July 26, 2006

A Week Without MySpace - Day II

Well, the urges in the morning have disappeared, which I suppose is a good sign. I'm really getting mixed reviews about the attempt to rid myself of the myspace addiction. Some are incredibly proud, some are confused, and some are in outright opposition. Oh well.

I'm pretty happy that I was able to lose the withdrawl symptoms quickly... I'm no longer frantically clicking the top left-hand link of my bookmarks bar, which is now my google homepage and not my profile. However, I have to factor in the fact that the only time I spend at home these days are either spent exhausted or asleep, seeing as my managers have decided that nine hour workdays are like birthday presents to me. Yay!Ah, but I kid, because it's not as bad as it seems. Once my feet get over the shock, it's pretty cool to be at work longer than anyone else, people are asking me questions, I'm getting to know my coworkers enough to show them my painfully srcastic side, plus all these extra hours are bound to lead to a killer paycheck.

Well, time to clean the room. Simone is here and the washing machine is broken, so it's a semi-half assed cleaning-day... which is pretty mcuh depressing, seeing as my world revolves around my bed having new sheets and all my clothes being freshly hung and color-organized. Oh boy.

12 percent of the U.S. population considers mental diseases to be a lifestyle choice.

Oh, of course. :/


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