July 29, 2006


So, I guess this week isn't much of a challenge, seeing as I'm at work all day and sleeping whenever I'm home. Oh well.

Had dreams about school for the first time in a while last night.... it was some odd combination of campuses and teachers, something like my first class was with Mrs. Mawhinney (of seventh grade) but I was at my elementary school, taking high school classes. It was the first day of school but I had neglected to pick up my room assignments... I know, irresponsible dream-allison always forgetting... so I had to run to school early. Oddly, I wasn't driving, I was walking up Euclid, which would be a two mile trek. Ah, dream-allison, so ambitious. I didn't end up getting to school, seeing as work at ten this morning means up by 8.

Dog sitting tonight. Kinda feel like picking up Calvin after work and watching movies, hope he'll be up to something.

Andrew comes home soon. Which means I'll finally be able to figure out if he was a dream or not. Do dreams send text messages?

Ah, off to the retail. I'm bringing my lunch today, like a proper budget-friendly chick. Yay, PB&J, with NATURAL PB and WHOLE FRUIT J, without any artificials. Yum.

Oh! I put a tea bag in the espresso brewer today and am currently enjoying some fine english breakfast tea. Which rocks. I had no clue I was cabable of that, but thanks to mom, the tea is fantastic.


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