August 02, 2006

See, look.

Blog, love, I told you I wouldn't desert you now that I'm back on MySpace. It's all good.

But, on the contrary, what is NOT good is how ridiculously scared I am of physical contact with men at the moment. I seriously am avoiding any and all intimacy. That's not healthy. The only relationship I'm completely comfortable in right now is the one I have with shopping. There are always enough cute clothes out there and they won't let me down. Oh, boy, that's trouble. And that starts with t, and that rhymes with g, and that stands for Gap.

But, hell, I'll get over it. Reed boys, hurry up and take my worries away, ok? Maybe I can lure you in with my extremely well-dressed self. AH, one unhealthy statement after another.

Maybe abstaining from the opposite sex for a while will be a good thing. I dunno, I know I don't give a crap about shaving my legs, or caring if people think my hair is too red, or laughing at the stuffed turtle on my bed. It's really nice in so many ways to not be attached to someone. But this feeling of, I don't know if it's fear, it's more like repulsion, from men is not a good one.

Grrrrr I don't have time for anything. I want to embroider all my clothes. I want to buy more clothes. And shoes. When did I turn into this person? When did I decide to become a materialistic twerp? I don't like the concept of it, but I like looking put together in my quirky way... Bah. Save me.

Or, help me save.

The world? Maybe. But right now, let's focus on saving at least part of my income.

17 days, baby. 17 days.


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