July 31, 2006

The last day without MySpace

I have to admit I'm sort of looking forward to MySpacing again... even though I've grown fond of the blog, its a little unsettling that nobody READS it. Maybe I'll whore my blog out to my myspace friends... but then again, MySpace isn't to kind to outsiders.

So, I've picked the song to define my August. It just seems like quite the Petty moment, in so many ways.

Well she moved down here at the age of 18
She blew the boys away, it was more than theyd seen
I was introduced and we both started groovin
She said, I dig you baby but I got to keep movin
...on, keep movin on

Last dance with mary jane
One more time to kill the pain
I feel summer creepin in and im
Tired of this town again...

Yes sir.

Effing dormant wisdom teeth have decided to travel into existence. Which hurts. And, which yields oral surgery. Yay surgery.

Oh! Speaking of medical procedures... I had blood taken today! And I didn't faint! Which is awesome! I pretty much has to talk incessently to keep from looking down at the needle, so I no doubt annoyed the hell out of the nurse, but hey, I figured she'd rather be chatted than have an unconscious Jones in her office.


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