July 31, 2006

The Truth Is.

The truth is that there are great men everywhere, at every stop along the road. Some are better than others, some are almost ridiculously perfect, but the truth is, there is no loss, there is no soul mate, there is nothing but change and progress. The truth is, you keep moving until you stop.

And the truth is, I'm just too young to stop.

Change my mind, but don't change me.

The last day without MySpace

I have to admit I'm sort of looking forward to MySpacing again... even though I've grown fond of the blog, its a little unsettling that nobody READS it. Maybe I'll whore my blog out to my myspace friends... but then again, MySpace isn't to kind to outsiders.

So, I've picked the song to define my August. It just seems like quite the Petty moment, in so many ways.

Well she moved down here at the age of 18
She blew the boys away, it was more than theyd seen
I was introduced and we both started groovin
She said, I dig you baby but I got to keep movin
...on, keep movin on

Last dance with mary jane
One more time to kill the pain
I feel summer creepin in and im
Tired of this town again...

Yes sir.

Effing dormant wisdom teeth have decided to travel into existence. Which hurts. And, which yields oral surgery. Yay surgery.

Oh! Speaking of medical procedures... I had blood taken today! And I didn't faint! Which is awesome! I pretty much has to talk incessently to keep from looking down at the needle, so I no doubt annoyed the hell out of the nurse, but hey, I figured she'd rather be chatted than have an unconscious Jones in her office.

July 30, 2006

Blah blah blah, you know the deal - Day VI

Alright, I totally failed in one attempt. I bought a pair of jeans and some shoes today. Goddamn it, I'm a spend-a-holic. I can admit it, doesn't that count for something?! Fuck it, really, I have the money, and more is on it's way.

And besides... look at this SHOE! How could I NOT!?

Why is more on it's way, I hear you ask... Well, my internet non-readers, today, I , the retail goddess of Gap, sold over $5000 of merchandise, $3123.90 of said five grand in a single transaction. Yes. Two little girls now have a fully functional wardrobe for about three years to come. We're talking seven pairs of jeans each, leather jackets, cashmere... shit, son. I'm basically a hero of the retail world.

My other goal to abate adiction, the myspace project, is still in full swing. I really think I could possibly give up myspace if need be. But need not be, so I'm totally coming back in two days. Ah, I can't wait. I mean, I totally can, but, you know, figuratively.

So, "real bonafide certafied non-victoria gardens date" with Mr. Tolson tomorrow night. You probably won't get more details than that, you know, with the whole new modesty thing... I'm so ridiculous. "Let's try to improve myself all at once and get totally frustrated when I break and buy something I don't need but really really want!"

I know its not getting what you want, its wanting what you've got... but I really really wanted...
I feel like Sheryl Crow is totally glaring down at me from her pop-country pedestal. Hell, if she had seen these shoes, she would have shoved her cute little "soak up the sun" foot in her mouth.

July 29, 2006


So, I guess this week isn't much of a challenge, seeing as I'm at work all day and sleeping whenever I'm home. Oh well.

Had dreams about school for the first time in a while last night.... it was some odd combination of campuses and teachers, something like my first class was with Mrs. Mawhinney (of seventh grade) but I was at my elementary school, taking high school classes. It was the first day of school but I had neglected to pick up my room assignments... I know, irresponsible dream-allison always forgetting... so I had to run to school early. Oddly, I wasn't driving, I was walking up Euclid, which would be a two mile trek. Ah, dream-allison, so ambitious. I didn't end up getting to school, seeing as work at ten this morning means up by 8.

Dog sitting tonight. Kinda feel like picking up Calvin after work and watching movies, hope he'll be up to something.

Andrew comes home soon. Which means I'll finally be able to figure out if he was a dream or not. Do dreams send text messages?

Ah, off to the retail. I'm bringing my lunch today, like a proper budget-friendly chick. Yay, PB&J, with NATURAL PB and WHOLE FRUIT J, without any artificials. Yum.

Oh! I put a tea bag in the espresso brewer today and am currently enjoying some fine english breakfast tea. Which rocks. I had no clue I was cabable of that, but thanks to mom, the tea is fantastic.

July 28, 2006


Wow, I came close to cheating tonight. Sam wanted me to look at his self-portrait, but wouldn't gmail me, so he made me go look at his profile... which isn't myspacing because I didn't see anything pertaining to me. Anyway, Max's profile name is currently Allison Jones, so I HAD to go look at his profile to see if anyone had commented about his name. Sheesh, I'm pathetic. I was SO close to looking at my profile when I just shut the window. I'm going to do this. Mark my words.

I was driving home from work, and my feet were SO sore, I could barely press the gas. The worst part was my reaction, thinking that it was all ok because soon I would be home and I could check my myspace. Old habits die hard.

I made a leather wristband out of two Gap belt hangers today... really cool, actually. I made one for a few other people in the store... at least the ones that don't suck.

Paydays make me happy, even though I'm pretty sure that isn't the most original sentiment this side of the Mississippi.

Housesitting again this weekend, and a new goal of no spending for the rest of July. That means not one single swipe of my debit card, no cash, nothing. Dates don't count though, so, guys, feel free to take me out to dinner. Or Starbucks...


Today, well, rather, last night, since I worked to late to blog anything coherently yesterday, I was unfortunately informed that my "Online Now" icon was illuminated while I was at work. SOMEBODY, most likely the youngest Jones, had turned on my computer and activated my auto-password system. I'm wondering if this is in violation of my cold-turkey approach... it's such a bummer that the date on my "last logged on" will be within the week limit. Oh well.

On a side note, I've given up spending money for a week. Bringing my lunches, not buying clothes, making due with what I've got. As the esteemed Sheryl Crow so finely puts it:

It's not having what you want
It's wanting what you've got

July 26, 2006

A Week Without MySpace - Day II

Well, the urges in the morning have disappeared, which I suppose is a good sign. I'm really getting mixed reviews about the attempt to rid myself of the myspace addiction. Some are incredibly proud, some are confused, and some are in outright opposition. Oh well.

I'm pretty happy that I was able to lose the withdrawl symptoms quickly... I'm no longer frantically clicking the top left-hand link of my bookmarks bar, which is now my google homepage and not my profile. However, I have to factor in the fact that the only time I spend at home these days are either spent exhausted or asleep, seeing as my managers have decided that nine hour workdays are like birthday presents to me. Yay!Ah, but I kid, because it's not as bad as it seems. Once my feet get over the shock, it's pretty cool to be at work longer than anyone else, people are asking me questions, I'm getting to know my coworkers enough to show them my painfully srcastic side, plus all these extra hours are bound to lead to a killer paycheck.

Well, time to clean the room. Simone is here and the washing machine is broken, so it's a semi-half assed cleaning-day... which is pretty mcuh depressing, seeing as my world revolves around my bed having new sheets and all my clothes being freshly hung and color-organized. Oh boy.

12 percent of the U.S. population considers mental diseases to be a lifestyle choice.

Oh, of course. :/

July 25, 2006

A Week Without MySpace - Day I

Needless to say, I tend to go through periods of time of dramatic attempts at self improvement. Currently, I have given up biting my nails, drinking soda, high fructose corn syrup (the last two thanks to a certain Andrew Tolson who seduced me into hating artificial crap that we inject into our bodies), trying to find humility, and testing my dependence on MySpace. That is to say, I have decided to stay logged out of MySpace for an entire week.

At midnight this morning, I changed my picture to a genuine "Sorry, We're Closed" sign, left my last bulletin, and steadfastly clicked "Sign Out."

Well, as good as my intentions were, and as resolute as I felt in those first moments, this is going to be harder than I thought. My addiction was so engrained that I was forced to move the bookmark bar link from it's usual position as the first from the left, to the opposite side of the window, to avoid the reflex of refreshing my homepage. I confess, the first night of sleep was literally filled with visions of comments and bulletins and editing pictures. Even worse was the automatic desire to groggily roll out of bed this morning to check the Space, before my eyes had even adjusted to light. When I saw that I had been logged out, I immediately recalled my mission... and rolled back into bed. A morning without MySpace was no good morning at all.

I admit that I am slightly cheating. I am set to recieve email notifications when I get a new comment or message, so I know if people are attempting to contact me. Alas, I figure there is no way to avoid this, seeing as it would require my signing on to disengage said alerts. Oh well.

The good news, the blog will actually be put into use. Without my usual audience, however, I fear that my rants will be less amusing or appreciated... but then again, I can avoid annoying the individuals that profess to hate my incessant bulletining in the first place.

Ah, that's all for now, I'll keep you updated.

July 20, 2006

I slept with a dog - Part II

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have made peace with the devil, Satan McGruff herself. I had gone to bed a bit earlier than usual last night, around 11, and fell asleep close to tears because I was consistently being accosted by the demon dog from hell. I kept repeating I hate you, get off me, dont bite me.

After finally dozing off and sleeping for a few hours, interrupted only by the random bark or movement of the giant animal next to me, Im startled awake by a loud crash. It sounded like glass breaking. Needless to say, I assume the worst, despite the fact that the dog hadnt barked at all. Thinking someone was trying to force their way into the house, I frantically call my house (which is, luckily, down the street) and whisper that I need help. My sister convinced me to walk out of the bedroom to see what had happened, so I stumble into the dark kitchen. After turning on the light, I see one large piece of glass in the middle of the tile. Confused as to where it came from, I look up, see the window was shattered, and ran back into the bedroom, with the dog, and locked the door. After a few minutes, my dad showed up and looked around. It turns out some idiot had smashed open the kitchen window with a Corona bottle.

At this point, Im basically clinging to this German Shepard for any sort of security, as my dad looks around the yard and up and down the street. He convinces me, somehow, to go back to sleep, and I welcome Sadie to jump up on the bed with me. All of a sudden, Im so terribly grateful that this demon dog is on my side. As I fell asleep with her lying next to me, I couldnt help but smile at the fact that a few hours earlier I had been screaming at her to leave me alone.

Tonights my last night at the house thank goodness. But I have to say Im not too scared. Satan McGruff and I have reached some sort of understanding, because she isnt jumping up on me anymore, and Im suddenly throwing her tows and giving her treats. Oddly enough, the vandalism turned out for the better.

As independent as I wish to be, I find myself looking forward to the fact that for the next four years I will be surrounded by a protective community. Heres to finding peace and security when you least expect it.

And heres to Satan.

I slept with a dog - Part I


I'm housesitting, in this pretty nice house with a great tv and great ice cream, but basically I'm watching over Satan. This dog is nuts. All night she's trying to attack my face, which would be kind of cute if she wasn't this huge German Shepard that could literally tear me to pieces. When I finally try to get some sleep, she starts scratching on the bedroom doors, and I can't very well let her destroy the house, so I have to let her in.

Her name even sounds evil. Sadie. Sounds like sadistic.

I guess she's used to sleeping on the bed, but at first I don't let her, so she just keeps jumping around the bedroom until I finally agree to let her come in bed with me. (Sounds like some guys I know, but thats a whole different story) So this dog starts attacking my face IN BED, mind you this is past three in the morning. I'm not a happy camper, but I finally just pass out.

Then, this morning, I wake up to lawnmowers, which usually wouldn't bother me, but SatanMcGruff is howling at the back door. I think she just has to pee so I let her out... oh no. It turns out she knows how to jump up and unlock the back gate. So she attacks this gardener with one of those blow thingies... what are they called? Oh, right , a leaf blower... And I have to go chasing after this dog IN MY PAJAMAS and explain to this guy who obviously doesn't know english that I'm sorry my dog attacked his blow thingy and pull this demon back into the house, where she proceeds to run in circles and knock things down, and I'm still half asleep at this point, so I pick up the phone and call my dad... "Daddy, can I bring Sadie over... please... there are blowers."

So I get all my stuff together, throw a sweatshirt on, and drag Sadie into my civic. This dog had obviously never been in a car before, and on the short trip back to my house she's basically having a seizure, I'm almost in tears because I got about 4 hours of sleep two nights in a row, I throw open my door and push her into the backyard.

I hate animals. Or maybe just Sadie.

And I smell like dog. AND I work until 11 pm tonight. Which is basically ridiculous. Someone else should come sleep with me tonight to protect me from this devil.